A More Perfect Union

by oneclipleft

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released October 21, 2013



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oneclipleft Valdosta, Georgia

Oneclipleft, a one-man metal band, began writing and recording his debut album "A More Perfect Union" in 2011. Covering a wide range of metal styles, the album may surprise even the most seasoned metalhead. A harsh criticism of the U.S. government, AMPU draws inspiration from bands like Pantera, Meshuggah, Gojira, Jesu, Metallica, and many others. oneclipleft currently lives in South Georgia. ... more

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Track Name: Dead Kids and Dollar Signs
I, turn on my TV every day
And sit counting the dead we celebrate
I, cannot believe what density
People selling a new philosophy

Tragic, our love of life lost
Talking money made
Ecstatic, only balk at the cost
Someone else has paid

After the story runs
We’ll forget you one by one

Lie, covering endless details
Fabricating the whole tale wholesale
Lie, audience and ad revenue
Blur what is false and what is

True in, the careless camera
A bought mouth and biased eye
Ruin, impartial media
Watch integrity die

All blame, no shame, sensationalize pain
Condense, nonsense, fear and death entertain

Fear breeds obedience
The powerful elevate their place
In each public tragedy
A golden opportunity

Trade in your rights to feel a little more safe
From a magnified threat you feel you can’t escape
And in the process, do less, live less
Be less than you are for their benefit

Are we so bored, to never see the light inside the storm?
Are we so dull, to never flinch one inch when triggers pull?
Are we so scared, to admit that life itself is unprepared?
Are we so dumb, to embrace the armchair-gods we have become?

They hunt dead kids to sell
And pay their parents to spill the tale
They prey on the insecurities
Of indolent viewers, too inured to think
They’ll tell you that you’re going to die
Or lose all your money or all of your rights
They’ll tell you just to sit right here
While they keep cashing in on your fear
Track Name: The Lie
I believe the lie
That I’m doing something worth doing something about
I cannot deny
Selfish words burn firewood, fueling my doubt

Leverage the thoughts, you redesigned, to put me in my place
Keep the limits blurred, hard to find, but so simple to displace

The derisive laughter you emanate
Saturated so deep in distrust and hate
Revealing hundreds of hidden enemies
Trying to claim authority over me

The trial, the jury, the sentence is for life
Denial, the fury, will I see through this infinite strife?

Make yourself, right at home, there you go
Anything you want, is achievable
If you seek, suffering, we can have that, too
You know what to do

I see nothing wrong
In my ignorance I
Blindly carry on through
Landmines buried in silence

Ignore all offered information
It contradicts what you know
Lost in confirmation bias
Cannot learn to let go

Idealize, humankind, to fail me
See the wrong, point your finger to blame me
Use your hammer and chisel to change me
I just fulfill a role

So say nothing’s wrong
Forgetting your dead god
Abandons the strong
Sneak it in to my head

No need thinking through accusations
Obsessive feeling is law
Never minding the due elation
Only focus on the flaw

Obsessive feeling is the law
So only focus on the flaw
Why is it so hard to let it go?
It contradicts all that you know

I believed the lie
I cannot deny
No matter how I try
The sentence is for life

And still I miss anything wrong
In ignorance I carry on, through landmines
Until a finger points the blame
And so I know what I must change

That I believed the lie
Track Name: 349
Every man and woman who has chosen to risk their life
In this endless conflict with no recompense for their strife
Will always live with the memory
Fighting a stress we cannot see
Dreaming for some small relief

Training cannot prevent trauma
We did this

Lining up the shots of booze, a clenched fist full of pills
Loading up a pistol, aiming for one final kill
Hopeless, can’t take it any more
Pointless, what are they fighting for?
Heartless, nearly one each day

Every day one more may give up
349 in one year

Consecrate the ground they lay you into
Speaking a prayer for everyone
They can’t comprehend all that you went through
Consoling themselves for what they’ve done

Knowing full well it is they who killed you
Knowing full well things will not change
Shedding their tears on television
Sleeping at night in deluded dreams

We should be ashamed of ourselves for failing those in need
Instead of waving flags, we should clog up every street
Our enemy now holds a pen and not a gun
Ordering our youth to fight a notion

Without support
Without a break
Without respect
Without a way to live again
Track Name: Bit Harvester
They know you better than your mother
Closer than the closest lover
Electric prying eyes
Collecting your whole life

We’re too willing to release
Our right to basic privacies
After it’s gone it’s gone for good

If you have nothing to hide
Then you have nothing to fear
‘Till you are thought a threat
But speech is not illegal yet

Still one day you may disappear
One more name on the list
Of suspected terrorists

Run by idiots
So Goddamn stupid

They know you better than your preacher (hey)
Far more than your God (oh no)
Hovering cameras keep
Infinite data logs

We’re too willing to ignore
The power creeping through the door
And when it’s there it’s there for good

If you have nothing to hide
Then you have nothing to fear
‘Till you are thought a threat
But speech is not illegal yet

Still one day you may disappear
One more name on the list
Of proudly murdered militants

We only notice after it’s too late
When someone else is stripped down
Patted, prodded, sent to impound
We barely bat a fucking lash
Our hands bound in metal cuffs
Watching our own power break us

It happened elsewhere in the past
How quickly we forget
Assume by virtue we’re immune

Quickly, quietly, soon they will own
And every action they will know
And we will let them go
Until it’s our turn

Break free now
Track Name: Violence
Violence is concession to human weakness
Like vengeance, it need cowardice to thrive
Violence is obsession with our own ignorance
Of infinite potential lost in death

Disobey the laws of the brute
Or continue to eat poisonous fruit
The lies of humankind

If we go on pulling long distant triggers
Like children, push/kill playground/battleground
Solidifying worldwide distrust and disdain
In a decade-long display of force, insane

We cannot just crush our way to peace
We are not the world's goddamn police
No logic in such loss

If one man fails, the whole world falls
And as the means, so too the end
Be ever wakeful, ever vigilant, or we'll kill ourselves
In the name of our beloved freedom

Mothers hold onto your children
And sing them a song
To drown out the bomb

Mothers lie to your children
Say father's coming home
Gunned down by a drone
Track Name: Severance/Silence
No more clever thoughts, just clever words
Spoken by cowards
Afraid of growth, troubled by change
Terrified to lose their hallowed place
In name, they’re leaders
In action, all deceivers
Lightning quick, rhetoric
Oh, how quickly we’ll forget
(And all things will be destroyed)

Lay, down, and take it
Or stand, up, and fight
Fight, back with pride

Yet now, we enter
Intellectual winter
And never
Question the men
Whose power we may
Sever from, enacting
An evil plan
Our silence, loudly cries
Yes they can

No more people here, just business
Tended by princes
Afraid of some, troubled by few
Terrified of a people renewed
In name, criminals
In deed, they’re fucking heroes
Helping us, all wake up
But that alone is not enough
(For all things to be renewed)
Track Name: A More Perfect Union
Our fathers promised us
A land free from tyranny
Centuries of disgust
Oh, how sly we humans be

In ’85 I was born
I heard “What luck! To live free!”
And learned an empty heart
Is so much better than one filled with greed

Without the lies I’ve been told, I may
Have never realized the truth at all
We’ve built a nation far from
The brick and mortar misery they call
A more perfect union

My mistakes, as a man, cannot amount, to what we collectively carry out
As an ant alone can bite, but without the colony there is no fight

Forgive and let it go, why can’t we
Forget and let it go, we never
Forgive and let it go, why can’t we
Forget and let it go

And your deeds, all alone, cannot resist, what they force on us bit by bit
As a wolf may kill the runt, but without the whole pack there’s no hunt, we never

Forgive and let it go, why can’t we
Forget and let it go, we never
Forgive and let it go, we always
Swear revenge and murder everyone

We can’t go back and change it
There’s no new land to run to now
No place to overtake

Did no one else bother
To read The Prince?
They practice it so perfectly
They love it like their Bible
Twisting God to fool all mankind
Twisting all mankind to fool themselves
All these pretty words designed
To make you resign
All your fucking power

And it will crumble
Oh, how it will fall
And every one of us
Will be responsible

Our fathers promised us
A land free from tyranny
Centuries of abuse
Oh, how broken humans be
Track Name: Home
Our shores erode away
You can't come home, you need to stay
Since you've been gone they say
The world's moved on, so you can't come home

Two young men angered by the way other men behave
Sign a page believing they can help those men to change
Their families, sad to see them go, smile as they wave
They nod and train, learn the ways to identify the strange

They'll never know another day
Without some goal for the agency
The more they see, the more they want to run
'Cause they can't free a dead man with their gun

One comes to a foreign land full of his enemies
He's told he's got the shot, and should fire as he please
But he's unsure who to aim for, he can't tell them apart
Still pulling back on that black trigger, he shatters his own heart

All sides treat their own like pawns in nature's game
Then when they die they're honored, and the other is to blame
And when they kill they're honored still, though no one knows the name
Although we think we think so differently, we all still feel the same

Our shores erode, away (We've got a box stamped with your name)
You can't come home, you need to stay (Until we ship your body back across the sea)
Since you've been gone they say (This duty ends on your dying day)
The world's moved on, so you can't come home (Even if you come back, nothing will be the same)
Track Name: Lucky Rabbit God
The roaches we have bred
Are so well fed
Bursting wide open
With their shit
They, too, have done
Too much to live
So killed by their
Own decadence
Feeding, writhing,
All scavenging, all a corpse

Start going crazy, think "God will feed me, God will save me"
Searching the sky above, believe "God will help me, God will love me"
But there's...

No reason to believe
In anything
Unless you, too, need
That old dream
Seems we have done
Too much to live
And die by our
Own arrogance
Chomping, tearing
All cannibals, all remorse

So start embracing, hope "God will heal me, God will reach me"
Hunt the sky above, and trust "God will hear me, God will love me"
But there's no more savior (misguided)
No more savior (discarded)

You may believe your deity will listen
You may believe your deity will be here again

Blind yourself to claim your reward
Repeating to yourself all you have heard
Track Name: Plague Doctor
Unqualified, suture no lives
Just point out hives from my distance
Away from sick, our plague is quick
Stench, acrid, thick in pestilence

No one can teach me anything
And of course I'll save you all
You may allow me to treat the plague
But I am so blind, unqualified

Observing some, I bang my drum
And rattle bones to cure syndromes
Safe in my mask, all questions asked
No answers last for long, if ever

I cannot promise anything
But of course I'll do my best
You may believe me in all I say
But I am designed only to bleed you dry

Vomit up black blood, divide one another
Kill the lesser groups, infect the other fucking mind
Deep within dead brains, showing in the skin your
Forgotten remains, filthy and rotting everywhere
Puke, bleed, die
Lie, kill, deny

I'm no safer than you are
Understanding naught belies a cost (betray)
Noticing not (yourself for)
So still so lost (small comforts)
Nowhere, if "there" is still there
Not like I would know the way to go (at all)
Stuffed through my nose (you follow)
A wilted rose (dim leaders)
Masking all

I apply reasoning to everything I see
But providing answers is not one of my specialties

Save yourself, one man cannot do anything
Weak alone, together nothing is so far from our
Reach that we cannot find a solution, now
Try to come up with what all of us together can do

What have they done for anyone but themselves?
Once they've won there will be nothing else

Stand up, speak out, one man cannot do anything now
Sing loud the end of this revolutionary stagnation
Call for an end
Track Name: One Nation
Track Name: Silverfish
Free from all disease
But still so unclean

Despite our hunger
We don't need to eat
In metallic shells we live
In metallic shells we meet

Devouring our books and glue
Shed and eat old skin to become the new

Do you want this dance?
Back and forth and trembling
If I run away, do you think you would
Chase after me?

Leave silver shells behind
And swim on land and shine

Will you be my pest?

After I'm gone you'll get your wish
I am just one of billions
Gleaming in an endless brilliance
I am just one small silverfish
Track Name: All Things Renewed
Ruined by assimilating all minds to want what they're after
To kneel
Not stand
All ancient empires fell by greedy

They're taking life after life
Forsaking everything that brought us true strength
Freedom rings with shortening length
Just listen for it

Take it in and then forget again, silence all dissent
Blind trust
Blind rage
Sit and wait and follow them to your

The capture
A truly man-made rapture
Washing out the voice of reason
Litigate an endless season
Of death and darkness
Draw lines for all to cross
Carpet-bomb all nations
And never mind the loss

No more fucking bullshit
No more fucking wrong
No more fucking murder from this nation once so strong
No more fucking treason
No more fucking faith
No more reason to believe in these United States

Bathed in blinding light
Planet with a living blight
Creatures filled with hate
Quickly abandoned all debate

Far reaching reproach
Lonely frozen roaming roaches
Burrow in our skin
Whispering the way to win

Turning metal keys
Evaporate the seven seas
A million megatons
Devolving our skeletons

Stampeding we rushed
Bones and vital organs crushed
A killing cavalcade
Swimming from the cloud we made

All things will be renewed

Nowhere to run or hide
From radiation ionized
Those saved from the blast
Shit and shake until they've passed

Buried under snow
Smothered mothers, kids in tow
Fathers once so strong
Realizing they were wrong

All things will be renewed

Melting cloud and sky
Even living gods may die
New equality
The truth of death shall set you free

Pitch black, icy rocks
Instantly unwinding clocks
Washed in human strife
Planet minus all its life

All things will be renewed